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Cannabis Advertising

Proven success with tens of millions of dollars in cannabis advertising.


With a focus in cannabis advertising on Facebook, we're able to offer a high quality service with deep industry knowledge.

Compliance Expertise

Providing insight into ad platform compliance with specific insight into evading detection from ad platform.

Instagram & Facebook

Meta Advertising For Dispensaries

We are the first and only agency to offer Facebook and Instagram advertising for cannabis dispensaries.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get started?

Onboarding is 2-3 weeks.

Will our organic Facebook and Instagram pages be at risk?

Your organic Facebook and Instagram pages are completely separate from our advertising. Yerbalist's advertising efforts will not put your organic assets at risk.

How do we track success?

A tracking pixel is placed on your website and online ordering menu to track online orders driven by our advertising efforts.

You will be given access to a live analytics dashboard and frequent updates will be provided via email or slack.

What online menu providers do you work with?

We recommend Rank Really High or Dutchie online menus for their superior checkout experience and tracking integrations.

We also work with many other menus. Please reach out if you have questions about your specific menu provider.

Who produces the ads themselves?

We will use the graphics, photos, and videos provided by the dispensary to craft original Facebook ad creatives. We will also produce wholly original ad creatives from our own assets and creative team.

We don't have any video, will you shoot video?

We are happy to arrange a video production session on-site or in our studio for a nominal fee.


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